There are a few different ways you can play Kick Cards...

As a Team

To Guide Your Team

Kick Cards guide your team in exploring all aspects of your business.

They'll help you consolidate your current ideas and discover new business models.

The cards will also help you build your team and identify your individual strengths.

By Yourself

For Self-Improvement

Stretch your imagination and learn how to flex your business muscles with a regular session.

Pick a card every weekday morning to inspire you for your commute or to feed your brain over breakfast.

Set yourself the challenge to explore a new direction for your business every day.

With a Mentor

As a Facilitated Session

Kick Cards are an excellent device for professionals who mentor and support a business.

A guided session will identify strengths and areas for development in both model and team.

If you'd like a facilitated session, please email me on [email protected]

Single Card

Allow at least 15 minutes to work your ideas through one card - preferably longer.

Reflect on the things it uncovers for you and make a follow-up plan.

A Session

Take an hour to run three cards, one after each other.

You'll likely find the cards multiply - you'll bring things from one card to another.