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Customer Acquisition

How would you spend £10k (*) to acquire customers?
(*) €10k, US$15k, or your local equivalent.

What suggests that this will generate a return?
How could you measure success?
What does cost of acquisition look like?

You may like to consider online advertising, traditional advertising, guerrilla marketing, a presence at expos, your own promo event, a PR campaign, hiring/outsourcing for telesales or social media, etc.

Sometimes, a startup's response to 'how do you acquire customers?' is "with social media". Without structure, this is a hand-wave, and a potentially dangerous one.

Try to be concrete about your plan, and put in place ways to measure progress - your strategy should be evidence-based as far as possible, and you should be prepared to make a judgement call if the evidence doesn't align with your expectations.

Teams - especially tech-based ones - are prone to overlooking traditional types of advertising/awareness. Make sure you cast your net wide when considering this question.

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