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Surprise and Captivate

What delight can you add to someone's experience of you, your product or service?

Someone's journey begins as they first find out about you.

Think about every interaction; can you add charm?

Consider how you might amuse, help, provoke thought, or pique curiosity.

How can you be extraordinary?

If you have customers, think about the first time they discover you, how they find out more, how they order, pay, what fulfilment looks like to them, their next engagement, and how they enjoy satisfaction in referring someone to you.

You might also consider how your product or service works for both parties when given as a gift, or how you can make your business and supplier relationships stand out.

Refine your idea before considering how you could add another two surprises.

Can you link them so that people feel a common style across them all?

Try some example cards from the Kick Cards for Startups deck

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