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Entrepreneurs, Innovative Teams, Small and Medium Businesses
Mentors, Accelerators, and Incubators

Kick Cards can be used by entrepreneurs and teams for idea sessions and to sharpen thinking, and also as a facilitation and mentoring tool.

I've tried, tested, iterated and improved them over years of conversations with teams and business owners - to discover what should be discussed but often isn't.

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Magic Hire
Company Aspiration
Customer Acquisition
Surprise and Captivate

Kick Cards have been a brilliant and versatile tool in helping teams explore their products and consider challenges and opportunities.

Paul Smith
(Dubai Future; Ignite Accelerator; Hyperloop)

Startup Kick Cards are a challenging - and extremely illuminating - tool that lets us enjoyably explore areas that may have otherwise been discarded. It's an intense process, but a rewarding one that we'd happily recommend to any founder or team! Give it a go and you'll be amazed by what Startup Kick Cards can help you discover.

Wil and Ben
(Chew TV)

As a single founder, Startup Kick Cards have been instrumental in letting me explore many different ideas and opportunities. Every card I've tried left me with something to think about, and many provided instant feedback and immediate action points on issues I'd been pondering that week.”

Andy Stephenson
(Weekend Box)

The Kick Cards offered great starting points for discussion between our team - we got three potentially very valuable concepts that we'd never even considered before.

Ben Mawhinney

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